Development Through Drama

How We Can Help Your Students

We can help even your most challenging students deal with any issue and even achieve BTEC and Arts Awards through an engaging drama practice.

Applied Drama Workshops for schools in Devon

Would you like to see your young people enthused and engaged?

Would you like to see your young people building confidence and communication skills?

How about seeing your young people learning to treat themselves and others with respect?

Our workshops are a unique and exciting way for students to develop these key interpersonal skills and get motivated about school, or life in general. 

We can create shows on any topic, for anyone.

Here are some examples of how we can help you:

  • Engage challenging students and get them key employability and interpersonal skills
  • Help students learn about issues such as online safety, equality and diversity, respect, and preparing for work experience.
  • Get students a certification such as Arts Award or BTEC, even if they struggle with mainstream subjects.

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and consistently get positive results, often exceeding expectations:

“We’ve been working with Jo for several years now. I’ve seen her and her colleagues march in where others have all but given up, and start getting immediate involvement and engagement from our students. I’ve seen young people who might not have uttered a word to our mainstream staff become animated and engaged in her workshops. I’ve really come to believe that if Jo can’t get them engaged, no one can.  I would recommend Jo and her colleagues at Value Theatre to anyone.”

- David Leonard Deputy Head, The Stanfield Centre for Personalised Learning, Exeter.

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